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7th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships 2018

mar, 10 lug 2018 | 669 viste | 7Th-Fai-World-Canopy

Parachuting: Masters of high speed and precision just above the ground!

anopy Piloting – also known as Swooping – is a fairly new sport, but often assessed the most spectacular and breathtaking parachuting discipline. Fast and low flights and aerobatics above the swoop pond can make the fans literally feel the gust of wind caused by flying jumpers. The world’s best swoopers jump for the World Championships at the airfield in Szymanów which is situated near Wroclaw, Poland.

As pilotes reach top speeds of 120 to 150 km/h with their rather small and agile parachutes they compete above a stretch of water for safety reasons. At the same time, this creates spectacular action as the parachutists touch the surface of the water and leave a plume of spray behind them.

Canopy Piloting involves a series of tasks designed to test a parachutist’s ability to control his canopy and fly accuracy. To achieve the victory the pilote has to reach the highest score in the disciplines speed, accuracry and distance.

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