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Colombian Orlando Duque dives off two icebergs in Antarctica

Autore Simone Cartaginese | gio, 24 mag 2018 | 113 viste

Colombian Orlando Duque dives off two icebergs in Antarctica

Colombian high diver Orlando Duque jumped off two large icebergs in Antarctica, achieving one of his most important dreams, his press team said Saturday.

To reach Antarctica, he travelled aboard the ARC 20 de Julio Colombian navy ship, which was heading to the frozen continent to carry out oceanographic research, the press team said in a statement.

The hardest part of the journey, according to Duque, was finding where to jump off from, since climbing onto an iceberg is not an easy task.

"They are very unstable, they are unpredictable and they can turn over at any moment, which is why we had to look for icebergs of a certain size," Duque said.

Another challenge was the climate, since temperatures ranged from 1 C (33.8 F) to -25 C (-13 F), factoring in wind chill.

Duque, winner of the 1st high diving competition at the World Aquatics Championships held in Barcelona in 2013 and true high diving living legend, made a 12-meter (39.4 ft) and a 20-meter (65.6 ft) jump.

Because of the freezing temperatures, the Colombian diver had to wear a seven-millimeter thick neoprene wetsuit, a six-mm thick wetsuit hood, gloves and dive boots.

After his dives, Duque said that this was something he had wanted to do for many years and that once he was at the edge of the iceberg he could no longer feel the cold because of his excitement and adrenaline.

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