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new speed record at Grandes Jorasses

mer, 22 ago 2018 | 498 viste | New-Speed-Record-At-Grandes-Jorasses

Climbing: New Speed Record at Grandes Jorasses (Mont Blanc Massif)

2 hours, 4 minutes! Dani Arnold sets up a new speed record at Grandes Jorasses (Walkerspur)Walkerspur/Grandes Jorasses (Mont Blanc Massif)

Swiss extreme mountaineer Dani Arnold from Switzerland has set a stunning new speed record at the Grandes Jorasses North Face in the Mont Blanc Massif. The 34 year old athlete climed Walkerspur (4208 metres) via the Cassin-route in 2:04 hours – without safety ropes! The granit ridge Grandes Jorasses lies beween the French Haute-Savoie and the Italian Aosta Valley in the Mont Blanc Massif. Thus, Arnold holds two records on the three legendary gigantic north faces of the Alps, the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses.

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